February 2014

Staff News
-Welcome back to Emily & Rachel
- Emily, our Toddler Room Leader. Emily is returning following her maternity leave.
- Rachel, Deputy Manager will also be returning in March following her maternity leave.

Staff Training
Alison & Anita have completed three training courses on Speech & Language delay, Autism and working with children with language difficulties.
Lorraine, Emma Agar, Helen and Jade will also be completing training “Communication and Language with 2 yr Olds”

Email Addresses & Contact details
It’s great that we can now keep in touch more through emails, this is ensuring that parents always get any messages and up to date invoices. We will also be starting to email what the weekly learning focus will be for each room. I apologise if you are getting duplicate emails as the system is new this is something we need to sort.

Our operational policy states that all fees are due in advance or before the end of the month. It is the end of the financial year March 2014; therefore all fees for 2013-2014 must be paid.
Childcare Vouchers – Are a great way of making savings on childcare, may I remind parents that we do not give refunds on accounts which are in credit. Please ensure that you manage your vouchers so that this does not happen.

2014 Bank Holiday Dates:
18th & 21st April Easter, 5th May
26th May, 25th August

Out of school Club
Our out of school club is extremely busy at the moment. To avoid disappointment please ensure you book your child in on the Wednesday for dates the following week.

Also School Holidays are:
Week Beginning 17th February
Week Beginning 7th April
Week Beginning 14th April
Week Beginning 26th May
HOLIDAYS – Please give ONE MONTHS notice to gain the 50% discount. Please ensure you inform the office in order to get the discount. Discount will not be given without one months notice.

Toys from home
Can I remind parents to try and limit the number of toys brought in from home, we do not accept any responsibility if they get lost or broken.
Club – We have a policy stating mobiles and any devices which take images are not allowed in the setting. Only Dots n Spots cameras are used to take photographs of the children and we also have a work mobile for use on outings or when the children are on the MUGA. We do not allow devices to be brought in from home. We will be purchasing a Tablet for the club children to use and they also have the Xbox, playstation and Wii.

Family Photographs
All rooms have a display board for the children to display photographs of their family members. Please ensure you provide one for your child as the children love to look at them throughout the day.

Spare Clothes
Please can you send your child with a set of spare clothes. Especially in baby room, tweenies and Toddlers / 2 yr olds.

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